Every Event at Manhattan Center Comes with a Nice Little Bonus: A 1,000-Room Luxury Hotel

by | Nov 8, 2018

Every Event at Manhattan Center Comes with a Nice Little Bonus: A 1,000-Room Luxury Hotel

by | Nov 8, 2018

We suppose it’s not enough for The Manhattan Center to offer three iconic venues for event planners from every corner of the globe: The Hammerstein Ballroom, The Grand Ballroom and The Bank. And a midtown west location at 34th and 8th that’s the most convenient in New York — just steps from The World’s Most Famous Arena, a Tim Hardaway, Jr. three-pointer from the Jacob Javits Convention Center, and a couple of blocks from the new city within a city, Hudson Yards. Not to mention immediate proximity to transportation via Penn Station, the Port Authority and all of the area’s major airports.

Nope, it seems that’s just not enough. Which leads us, dear reader, to the soaring 43-story Art Deco masterpiece known as The New Yorker Hotel. Finished in 1930, the hotel immediately became the city’s Art Deco landmark.

While time has marched on, The New Yorker, A Wyndham Hotel, has not stood still. The ongoing room renovations provide today’s guest with the period design and furnishings that made the hotel famous, coupled with all the modern amenities one expects from a luxury hotel.

And, since The New Yorker is part of the Manhattan Center complex, many of these rooms are often booked with events hosted at one of their three venues. Together, this offering continues to make Manhattan Center an even more valued choice for event planners.

Recently, New York Comic Con took advantage of what the world’s marketing experts dubbed long ago a “unique selling proposition”. While events spooled out over three days at The Hammerstein Ballroom, attendees occupied hundreds of rooms and enjoyed thousands of meals at The New Yorker’s three in-hotel culinary destinations.

What perhaps made it even more “delicious”, if you will, is that there weren’t a million points of contact for the client. At Manhattan Center, the events and hotel professionals work on the same team: yours. So the rooms for the conference and the rooms for your guests are integrated into one seamless and stress-free package.

Separately, The New Yorker Hotel is a well-known event venue in its own right, with its 23,000-square-feet of impeccably appointed space, and a full range of event planning and catering services, making it an ideal choice to host a meeting, conference, or corporate gathering.

And, should you want to take things to the top: the hotel’s 39th floor Sky Lounge provides a unique and inspiring meeting venue for up to 35 of your most important guests. While they will certainly be impressed by the service, the sweeping views of the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and New York’s other legendary landmarks, will leave a lasting and memorable impression.

Isn’t that what you always want to leave your guests with when you’re in the hospitality business? That’s what we believe in at Manhattan Center. And if you work us, we believe you might come away with the very same opinion.

311 W 34TH ST (BETWEEN 8th & 9th AVES), NEW YORK, NY 10001  (212) 695-6600

311 W 34TH ST (BETWEEN 8th & 9th AVES),  NEW YORK, NY 10001  (212) 695-6600